Awards Categories

Entrepreneur India presents the country's most prestigious awards in the Entrepreneur community. The awards aim to recognize and felicitate Achievers, Innovators and Suppliers, who have contributed significantly towards the development of entrepreneurship in India.

Startup Awards
  • Innovative Start-up of the Year
    A business owner / founder of an organization, who has developed a unique business model and has made remarkable progress in the initial period of starting the business. (Organisation should be less than 7 years)
  • Start-up of the Year - Technology
    Celebrating the best of tech, if you’re disrupting the tech industry in some way .This category is open to all Business enterprises that have been in business seven years or less on 31st March 2019 (Tech / Fintech / Artificial Intelligence / IOT / Virtual Reality)
  • Home or Craft-based Start-up
    This includes home-based businesses or/and craft-based businesses.
  • Digital / Online Start-up
    This Award will recognise businesses that earn 40% or more of their revenue online. You could be an online retailer or an online game etc
  • Emerging Start-up
    In this category we are looking to recognise business and organisations that are in the very early stages of development. Entry is open to businesses that have been in existence for 5 Years or less at the closing date for entries.
  • Mobility Start-up of the year
    This award will recognize the firms that have introduced products in the automotive & ancillary, autonomous mobility domains and have an operational existence of less than 7 years.
  • Energy Start-up of the Year
    A business owner / founder of an organization, who has developed a unique new Energy saving/New Energy generation business model and has made remarkable progress in the initial period of starting the business. (Organisation should be less than 7 years)
  • Logistics /Fulfilment Start-up of the Year
    Smooth production and distribution can mark the difference between success and failure of any Business. The Award will spotlight the supply chains /logisitc/ fulfiment & delivery Startup that have built a business model to make SCM process more effiicent
  • Food & Beverage Startup
  • Best healthcare startup
    Solving India's last mile healthcare challenge
  • Best Education Startup Of The Year
  • Bootstrapped Business Of The Year
    biggest bootstrapped business in terms of revenue
  • Retail Startup Of The Year
    Start-ups growing across niche retail categories for market and product differentiation
  • Travel Startup of the year
  • Real Estate Startup Of The Year
    Measuring growth in construction material, property management, brokerage, rental management, buying and selling, site operations etc.
  • Startup Leader Of The Year
    The creator of a new market that didn't exist before
  • Founder Of The Year
    Visionary entrepreneur who took the business from zero to one and one to 100 with least capital raised and minimum time
  • Creative Entrepreneur Of The Year
    The absolute value creator out of sheer creativity
  • Best Social Impact Startup
    Penetrating deeply for impacting the most disadvantaged or underprivileged section of society
Rise Awards
  • Most Enterprising Business
    Winners in this category won't be standing still and doing the same old things, they’ll be moving and shaking, leading in their markets. In terms of this category, enterprise can be defined as showing initiative and willingness to undertake new projects, diversification, adding significant employment from previous year.These companiesare selected based on strength in revenue, profitability, total employees, innovativeness, brand influence in the marketplace, and adherence to corporate governance. The flexibility to respond to rapid changes in the industry and customer demand
  • Best Customer Service
    Customer service is an ongoing process. The winning business will ensure it exceeds customers expectations before, during and after any sale, building long-term customer relationships and providing a service that is consistently outstanding.The winner of this award will have the customer at its heart and will deploy and manage resources to most effectively meet the needs of its customer base. In most businesses to ensure the success of a business a customer care policy is paramount. This category encourages entries from any business that can demonstrate established and measurable systems for monitoring service standards.
  • Business Innovation
    Innovation in your business means doing something new, different, smarter or better that will make a positive difference. Innovation can range from a Business practice to launching a brand new product.In the opinion of the judges, how company harnessess research, development and innovation to further their business aims and objectives.
  • Best Financial Performance
    The award recognizes high performing enterprises that have shown tremendous growth in revenue and are on the path to becoming the future giant corporations of India. Winners of this category showcase steady revenue growth year on year with strong returns, and are focused on seizing promising business opportunities.
  • Best Use of Technology
    Most popular range of merchandise among within any category.
  • Business Transformation
    Most popular range of merchandise among within any category.
  • Cross Border Business Growth
    The Award regonizes the internationalisation of business and initiatives that encourage enterprises and particularly small and medium-sized businesses to benefit more from the opportunities offered by markets.
    Recognizes organizations that have been driving higher levels of quality products and services and better equip organizations to meet the challenges of global competition.
  • Best Workplace of the Year
    The award is presented to companies that take on a people centric approach and demonstrate strong commitment towards employee empowerment and enrichment. The winning companies show advocacy for investment in people, recognition and retention, improving employee’s job satisfaction, practices fair communication, and promote work life balance. The awarded companies fares low attrition rate, houses a great pool of talents, and have a practice of knowledge sharing among employees and stakeholders.
  • Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year
    This honor is presented to a company with the most commendable efforts in championing sustainable responsible business. The recipient adopts an ethical and holistic approach to profit, planet, and people. The winning company takes on a visible role in the society which goes beyond the core business and law requirements, is well reflected in the company’s policies and operations, and ultimately adds value for the company and the society at large.
Entrepreneur Awards (Top Honours)
  • Entrepreneur of the Year (Consumer Business)
    A business owner or founder of an organization offering / retailing consumer products or services to the consumer directly
  • Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year (Business Transformation)
    A business owner or founder of an organization, who has led the progressive change in adopting an effective business model or set up a new mark in the industry
  • Entrepreneur of the Year (Innovation in Technology)
    A business owner or founder of an organization whose business is into innovation in products or services.
  • Professional Entrepreneur of the Year
    An employee of an organization, who has demonstrated leadership and taken the business growth to a scalable size.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year (Innovation in Financial Services)
    A business owner / founder who is into providing financial and related services
  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year
    Founder/owner of an organization in a business that directly or indirectly creates social awareness / improvement.
  • Creative Entrepreneur of the Year
    Founder/owner of an organization in the business of product design and design services.
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year
    A business owner who has achieved significantly in his entrepreneurial venture at a young age (must be 35 years or less of age as on June 30, 2019)
  • Serial Entrepreneur of the Year
    Entrepreneur for creating and demonstrating multiple ventures successfully- from business ideation, implementing it through new venture, creating value for stakeholders, having floated IPO or raised external capital at a later stage ; demonstrating exceptional success and has the will and spirit to do it all again.
  • Student Entrepreneur of the Year
    Did you start writing your business plan alongside that all important essay, whether you’re in school, college or university, if you’ve been juggling your studies with your start-up, why not challenge your inner young-apprentice, and compete to take home the ‘Student Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2019 title.
  • Intrapreneur of the Year
    Are you an inside entrepreneur, or an entrepreneur within a large firm who’s used your trailblazer skills to innovate and lead a new internal enterprise, avoiding common start-up risks? The Intrapreneur of the Year would recognise someone who has been given the authority and support to create or develop a new project and has turned it into a profitable venture for the company.
  • Micro /Small online business Entrepreneur of the year
    This Award will recognise businesses that earn 40% or more of their revenue online. You could be an online retailer or an online game etc
  • Green Entrepreneur of the Year
    This entrepreneur will specialise in environmental industries, clean tech and sustainability. There will be clear evidence of their positive environmental impact and their business’ ability to create positive change and influence thinking.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
    A business owner who has achieved remarkable success in his entrepreneurial venture
  • Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
    A business owner (woman) who has achieved remarkable success in her entrepreneurial venture
  • Entrepreneur of the Year - Real Estate
    (A business owner / founder who is into Real Estate)
  • Lifetime Achievement
    Applicant / nominee should have had outstanding achievements and should also have contributed significantly towards the socio-economic growth over a period of time.
  • Family Entrepreneur of the Year
    Established entrepreneur from family run business, who has been able to take the business to a scalable height
  • Acharya of the Year / Business Mentor of the Year
    Individual, may or may not have been an entrepreneur, but contributed in significant and visible manner and having played an exceptional role in guiding, leading and influencing a ward's project / business
  • Entrepreneur of the Year in Trading Business
    A business owner or founder of an organization who is into Trading / distribution of product / services in the class of (Distributor/Dealer/Retailer/Wholesaler or C&F /Broker /e-Retailer)
  • Entrepreneur of the Year in Service Business
    The 16 Awards will be given to business owners or founders Of an organization offering Consumer or Business services (BPO / Travel / SCM & Logistics/Cleaning / Financial / Training / SAS& IT services / Security / Recruitment & HR / Money Services / Healthcare / Fitness / Food / Beverage / Education / Health, Beauty & Wellness / Consultant / Printing / Event Management Agency)
  • Entrepreneur of the Year in Product or Manufacturing Business
    The 12 Awards will be given to business owners or founders in Manufacturing business who have implemented innovative approach toEnsure sustenance and continuous improvement in lean manufacturing process In the below categories (FMCG / Consumer Durables / construction material / technology / Export / Automotive & Ancillary / Healthcare / Engineering / Plastics & Polymers / Leather Goods / Textile)
  • Venture Capitalist of the Year
    Recognizing the most prolific investors who has provided relentless support to the business community in the country.
  • Angel Investor of the Year
    An individual investor who has show great vision in identifying and assisting Start-ups , Entrepreneurs ,SME’s.
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