Conference Overview

Entrepreneur is a platform for entrepreneurs to discover and unleash breakthrough Ideas, Innovations and Insights needed to realize their power to disrupt the social, economic and tech ecosystem. In its 9th Annual edition, Entrepreneur 2019 aims to bring together inspiring entrepreneurs and investors for creating new opportunities for investment, build new partnerships and collaboration avenues and highlight entrepreneurship as means to address some of the most intractable society challenges.

Every single touch point at Entrepreneur 2019 will create new knowledge, survival manual strategies and connections that are needed to start and grow a business. The conference will encompass inspiring keynotes challenging your preconceptions, educational breakouts unearthing the next big business ideas and execution practices and networking huddles that will leave you free to grow your mind, business and the bottom-line

Conference Agenda

Day 1 - July 17, 2019
Leadership Summit
9.30 am - 9.45 am Lighting of Lamp & Inauguration
Welcome Note by: Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur India
9.45 am - 10.20 am Plenary Session: The Role of the Government in Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystem #Beyond Basics
Disruptive technologies pose opportunities and challenges for both traditional industries as well as governments grappling with unexpected and unfamiliar regulatory issues. Here are some hot topics:
  • How can ecosystem leaders provide effective support to increase the pool of high growth firms.
  • How to frame laws and regulations fit for the companies of tomorrow.
  • Data, Privacy & Trust: What's next?
  • What is it that we need to change most in key sectors?
  • Should public policies that affect startups be designed globally, too?
Chief Guest: Shri. Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog- Chief Guest
10.20 am - 10.50 am Keynote Session: Sumant Sinha, Chairman & CEO, ReNew Power
10.50 am - 11.50 am Keynote Session: The Corporate-Government Connect
Raman Roy, Chairman & Managing Director, Quatrro
Deepak Bagla, Managing Director & CEO, Invest India
11.50 am - 12.40 pm Industry Watch: The Future of Mobility

Keynote: Tin Hang Liu, Founder & CEO, Open Motors

Naveen Munjal, Managing Director, Hero Electric
12.40 pm - 13.10 pm Plenary Session: State Leadership: How State Leaders can be Catalysts for Creating Entrepreneurial Hubs in India
The session will connect policymakers from Rajasthan and Telangana to explore innovative regulatory changes and policy initiatives and accelerate entrepreneurial growth around the world.

13.10 pm - 14.10 pm Lunch
Innovation Summit
14.10 pm - 14.40 pm Fireside Chat: Creative Entrepreneurship:
Ritu Marya, Editor In Chief, Entrepreneur India
Rajkummar Rao, Actor
14.40 pm - 14.50 pm Keynote: Vaibhav Agarwal, Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners
14.50 pm - 15.35 pm Plenary Session: How to Build a Company for Scale & Impact
Riding the Rollercoaster - Life & Work at Series A & Beyond
The panel will discuss how companies marry innovation with growth. When acquiring customers, the constant pivot is what every day work day looks like. It is the time when the business plan of an enterprise really takes shape.
  • Innovating with Right Intent: Creating an Innovative Product or Service to Suit New-age Needs
  • Making Companies Future Ready
  • How to Raise Money for New Industry
  • How to raise funds with steady growth trajectory in mind
  • What takes an investor to really get interested in your company post series A funding
Session Lead: Vaibhav Agarwal, Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners
Sai Srinivas Kiran G, Co-founder & CEO, Mobile Premier League
Deepanshu Malviya, Co-founder, Shuttl
Ashwini Ashokan, CEO & Founder, Mad Street Den
Annu Talreja, CEO & Co-founder, Oxfordcaps Student Residences
15.35 pm - 15.45 pm Keynote: Cross Border Ecommerce- Interest of Investor & real Challenges How global investors are betting big on Cross Border Ecommerce. What is so interesting about India. What are the real challenges on Ground in Cross border?
Sanket Agarwal, Founder, GlobalKart
15.45 pm - 16.05 pm Plenary Session: Thriving Among Giants: How this Startup Grew to a $100 Million Business
The keynote will highlight how to build a company from ground-zero and how the founder's focus needs to evolve in his/her company's journey to $100 million.

Session Moderator: Aashika Jain, Associate Editor, Entrepreneur Dotcom
Anuj Srivastava, Founder & CEO, Livspace
Arunabh Sinha, Founder, UClean
Rahul Garg, Founder, Moglix
16.05 pm - 16.35 pm Fireside Chat: Zero to One: How to Start Up & Build the Future
The keynote will dissect how passion can be translated into reality in business. It will give a glimpse into attributes needed to take your company from Zero to One and explain how raising investments is just one step in the long ladder to the top.

Fireside chat: Punita Sabharwal Kapoor, Deputy Editor, Entrepreneur India
Abhiraj Singh Bhal, Co-Founder, UrbanClap
16.35 pm - 16.50 pm Keynote: Four rules of Customer Engagement to create Customers for Life.
Vinod Chandramouli, Head India & ASEAN Business, Freshworks
16.50 pm - 17.10 pm Keynote Session: Building a Business around a Community
The panel will discuss how companies need to establish their own community to really build a business. It will dissect what needs to change in the style quotient of leaders and employee behavior as well as the approach towards services and sale. It will debate what it takes to tap into a community.

Fireside chat: Aashika Jain, Associate Editor, Entrepreneur Dotcom
Malini Agarwal, Founder & Creative Director, MissMalini Entertainment
17.10 pm - 17.40 pm Keynote: How to transform a fast-growing company
The keynote will highlight how to build a company from ground-zero and how the founder's focus needs to evolve in his/her company's journey to $100 million.

Aditya Ghosh, CEO - India & South Asia, OYO Hotels & homes
17.40 pm - 18.00 pm Keynote: The serious business of Comedy: Ethics & Aesthetics of Stand-up
Vir Das, Comedian
Day 2 - July 18, 2019
Money Summit
10.15 am - 10.40 am Keynote: What it takes to go from concept to initial funding and beyond

Sandeep Murthy, Partner, Lightbox Ventures
10.40 am - 11.15 am Plenary Session: Building a Unicorn Tech
Know all about the precise structure and skill set that define a highly scalable team. In this practical workshop, find out how to identify what your team should focus on and how the team members should interact. Determine how to efficiently make consistently high-quality, scalability-focused decisions. Whether or not you already have an A-Team, in this session you'll learn not about what but rather whom you need to take your business to the next level.

Sandeep Murthy, Partner, Lightbox Ventures
Suraj Saharan, Co-founder & CPO, Delhivery
Gazal Kalra, Co-founder, Rivigo
11.15 am - 12.00 pm Plenary Session: Inside the World of Venture Capital
  • Transforming Trends: Going Deeper into Riskier Bets
  • Liquidity Lessons: Riding the Wave of IPOs
  • Cross Border Investment Trends
  • Hot Markets for 2019
Abhishek Srivastava, Director, Endiya Partners
Manish Kheterpal, Managing Partner, WaterBridge Ventures
Rema Subramanian, Partner, Ankur Capital
Mohan Kumar, Partner, Norwest Venture Partners
12.00 pm - 12.45 pm Plenary Session: Sealing the Deal: The How, What and Why of Exit
  • Inside Tech M&As: Picking the Right Match
  • Both Sides of the Table: Forging a Successful Path to Acquisition
  • From Basement to a Billion-Dollar Exit
  • Unicorns Eyeing Acquisitions
Aakrit Vaish, Co-founder, HaptikInc
Ritesh Malik, Founder, Innov8 Coworking
Ashish Fafadia, Partner, Blume Ventures
12.45 pm - 13.30 pm Pleanry Session - From Idea to IPO
Keynote: Amit Kumat, CEO & Managing Director, Prataap Snacks
Keynote: Dinesh Agarwal, CEO & Founder, India Mart
13.30 pm - 14.30 pm Lunch
Growth Summit
14.30 pm - 15.00 pm Plenary Session: The Gen Next of a Business
  • How the next generation of family business leaders are making their mark
  • Digitising the Business without Dealigning the Value system
  • Closing the Gap: the generation gap, the experience gap, and the communications gap
  • Balancing it out - Too Much to fast Vs. Guarded change
  • Empowering Entrepreneurship and Incubating Startups for Innovation and Change thinking in Family Business
Session Moderator: Punita Sabharwal Kapoor, Deputy Editor, Entrepreneur India
Akshay Munjal, President, BML Munjal University
Gurumukh Uttamchandani, Executive Director, Syska Group
Avneesh Chhabra, Managing Partner, Baby Saffron
15.00 pm – 15.30 pm Keynote: Building a Global Brand - A Look Beyond India & its Big Potential
Akash Gupta, CTO & Co-Founder, Grey Orange
15.30 pm - 15.50 pm Investing in the Future - Cross Border Investment Trends
How global investors are betting big on Indian companies. What is so interesting about India and where are the real deals happening?
Amarjit Singh Batra, Managing Director, Spotify India
15.50 pm - 16.30 pm Corporates are at the Brink of Digital Transformation to Bring Real Innovation
The explosion of technology has made it easier to fill the gap between thoughts and implementation of ideas into reality, making its adoption by businesses for the smooth functioning of a business. From recording data on excel sheets to transacting digitally, corporates are adopting technology, however slow or fast it might be.

Leveraging emerging tech like artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things and other could further change the game for businesses. The session will deep dive into how corporates are transforming their businesses digitally for the benefit of survival and supremacy.

Ranga Kanapathy, Head of Global Delivery and Engineering, Altimetrik
Thomas Muthoot John, Head, Innovation Lab, Muthoot Microfin Ltd.
Akhil Handa, (Head Fintech & Partnership, Mobile Banking), Bank of Baroda
16:30 pm - 17.00 pm Valedictory Keynote: Digital Star Building a Business on YouTube
Bhuvan Bam, YouTuber
RoundTable Day 1 - July 17, 2019
12:30 pm - 13:30 pm Auto Tech Roundtable
The future of mobility is electric! And India won’t be left behind in the race to ace the game of upping its technology in the auto space. At a time when the Indian government is leaving no stone unturned to get citizens to adopt electric vehicles, a great opportunity lies for business models to be built and expanded to cater to the needs of more than a 1 billion people. In the roundtable on auto-tech, the panelists will explore how the automobile industry is set for transition to embracing new-age technology and what new offerings exist.
  • Why the need to go electric
  • The business opportunity in new-age automobiles
  • Auto-tech & its VC push
  • Government & private players connect
Akash Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, Mobycy
Raja Gayam, CEO & Founder, Gayam Motors
Padmanabhan Balakrishnan - Co-Founder & COO - Vogo
Goldie Srivasatva, CEO & Co-founder, SmartE
Tin Hang Liu, Founder & CEO, Open Motors
Amit Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, Yulu
Avinash Sharma, Head 2 & 3 Wheeler Business, SUN Mobility
15.00 pm - 16.00 pm Cannabis Business Roundtable
Cannabis has been a part of the Indian culture for centuries. However, under the influence of western colonies, the plant seems to have lost is reputation and the country has developed a love-hate relationship with the so-called ‘magical herb’. But times have begun to change and so is the outlook towards cannabis. While the legalization of marijuana would be a farfetched dream for Indians, hemp can help solve multiple 21st-century problems. Unlike marijuana, the Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC level of hemp is less than 0.3% and hence, the cannabis variety cannot be used for recreational activities. Having said, Hemp, today is dubbed as billion dollar cash crop and it is widely believed that the parts of the plant can be used to produce over 30,000 products such biodiesel, textile, concrete, food, etc. As India continues to frown on the plant, it is about time that we change our standpoint towards hemp. This July, at the Annual Entrepreneur India Conclave, for the first time, we have decided to take the conversation to a public forum. As a part of the industry, we invite you to the roundtable discussion on Why India Should legalize Industrial Hemp. The roundtable is scheduled on Day 1 at the EI Conclave i.e. 17 July 2019, 3:00 PM onwards.
  • Hemp V/S Marijuana
  • Hemp – A Billion Dollar Cash Crop or a Myth
  • Where Does India Stand Today
  • How to be an Hemprenuer – Challenges and Opportunities
  • VC's Interest: How capital is moving into Hemp Business
  • Policy & Guideline for Hemp Business in India
Yash Kotak, Co-founder & Director, Bombay Hemp Company, (BOHECO)
Tarun Jami, Founder & Managing Partner, GreenJams Infrastructure LLP
Harshaavardhan Redi Sirupa, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Satliva and Namrata Hemp Company (NHempCo)
Rohitt Sharrma, Founder & President, Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA)
Elston Menezes, Partner & Co-founder, B.E Hemp India
Shantanu Mishra, Founder, Indian hemp association (IHA)
RoundTable Day 2 - July 18, 2019
12.00 pm - 13.00 pm Family Offices Roundtable
How Family Offices Have Transformed into The New Wealth Advisors
HNIs and big corporates understand the need to allocate their wealth beyond the basics – realty and gold in today’s time of digitally-led innovation globally. Family offices come as a breath of air in the wealth management space and offer what wasn’t achievable by wealth advisors. In this roundtable, the whys and hows of Family Offices in India will be dissected with a keen focus on adoption and success.
  • What are Family Offices?
  • How is Indian Corporate Adopting Family Offices?s
  • Strengthening Existing Companies with Rich Talent & Fresh Approach
  • The multiple layers of Family Offices and the opportunities that lie for investors as well as entrepreneurs
  • Is Family Office for you? A guideline
Akhil Bhardwaj, Partner, Alpha Capital
Lovkesh Kapoor-Head-Investment Banking, Client Associates
Nitai Utkarsh, Lead-Investments, HeroMotoCorp
Mahesh Singhi, Founder & Managing Director, Singhi Advisors
Akhil Shahani, Managing Director, The Shahani Group
15.00 pm - 16.00 pm Influencer Roundtable
With the digital medium, there is a disruption happening every day. Nothing remains constant, except influence. This is where influencers come in, who use the power of their fame to influence the community around them. And no matter how the times change, they are the best way of communication to connect, persuade the right of audience you are looking for. This roundtable focuses on How to be an Influencer, win followers, make friends, build a promising image and mold the consumer's thinking. As a part of the industry, we invite you to the roundtable discussion on Influencer: How to be an Infuencer, win followers and mold their thinking. The roundtable is scheduled on Day 1 at the EI Conclave i.e. 17 July 2019, 4:30 PM onwards.
  • How to be an influencer- Challenges, opportunities, conflicts and maintaining an image
  • The Alter Life- Behind the glamourous face
  • Content- Where does India stand today
  • Success and how to maintain sustainability
  • Future of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook
Ranveer Allahbadia, YouTuber, Founder at Monk Entertainment
Bhuvan Bam, YouTuber
Ajey Nagar, YouTuber
Aashna Shroff, Fashion Blogger
Ankush Bahuguna, Writer, Actor & Entertainer
16:30 pm - 17:30 pm Prop-Tech Roundtable
India is drooling over the newest buzzword on the block-Proptech-a word that combines the elements of property and technology. While real estate has been a part of India’s vocabulary since times immemorial, technology is a sector that the country and the world, at large, have been obsessing over. Entrepreneur India is all set to bring the leading players of proptech on one table to explore how this sector is changing the dynamics of the Indian business ecosystem.
  • Opportunities in PropTech in India
  • Why Real Estate Players Need to Think Digital
  • How is Indian Market Different From The Rest of The World
  • How to Start a PropTech Startup & Get Funding
Vivek Agarwal, Co-founder & CTO, Square Yards
Mishu Ahluwalia, Founder & CEO, GoHive
Abhishek Kumar, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO), MyGate
Nakul Mathur, Managing Director, Avanta Business Center
Amit Ramani, Founder & CEO, Awfis
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