Aashiv Midha

Aashiv Midha is one of the top most YouTuber and comedian. He is an inspiration for many upcoming and fresh faces for the industry. He is popular for his unique content. He creates videos on the topic on which most of the creators avoid and that is why he has a very different audience that others.

Aashiv Midha was super viral on the short video making platform TikTok. He managed to get millions of views on his videos there too.

He has worked with so many bollywood actors like Govinda, Rajkumar Rao, & countless Punjabi & bollywood singers that too for his own videos.

Most of the creators create content as per what’s going in the trend but Aashiv believes if everybody will follow the trend then who is gonna create the trend ? And hence Aashiv creates content which is very different from others.

He is often invited to events & colleges as guest where he showcase his stand up comedy skills too.

He is currently planning & working on something which will be seen soon on television.
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