Conference Overview

Influencer Summit is a one of its kind virtual conference focused on connecting influencers, micro-influencers, bloggers, content writers, photographers, videographers, marketers and all those who like to share a part of themselves through social media.

The prime objective of the event is to connect influencers with brands.

The Show cultivates brands, social media influencers, agencies and tech platforms empowering them with the right knowledge for achieving success in Influencer marketing.

You will learn how to create engaging and effective campaigns across social media, with our fantastic keynotes & panel discussions, while exploring new partnerships to reach a wider audience base.

In a day full of networking and knowledge-sharing, the event allows Brands and Influencers to find the perfect match for their next collaboration.

It provides an exciting opportunity for the attendees to meet fellow influencers and to discuss business, learn from selected keynotes & panel discussion, so they can learn from the best in the industry.

From a marketing perspective, the Summit aims to help them launch, scale, and measure their influencer marketing strategy.

The Influencer Summit teaches them the fundamentals of creating an influencer marketing strategy that drives business results.

Learn from our global experts, and build the right strategy and partnerships that will bring you everlasting success.

Whether you are attending for the networking opportunity, knowledge or conversations with brands, Influencer Summit is the ultimate event for Influencers – One that you can’t afford to miss.

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