Dewanshi Gupta

Lifestyle Blogger

While growing up Dewanshi always wanted to share her perception on things to the world. Therefore she started her Blog called The Sstyle Drug. Which means the style which will make you addicted.

She is one of the pioneers in the industry because back then there were only a few people who were aware of blogging and it was a newly emerging concept in India. Dewanshi managed her love for content creation with her college studies. She has become a prominent name when it comes to Pune industry. She believes in making content about everything that inspires her. Apart from being a content creator, she is also a Ux designer. When it comes to her achievements she has worked with over 400 brands, been featured in Times of India, Femina, Ibt times and many more prestigious newspapers and magazines. She has also been aired on the radio and been on Billboards across the country, Dubai and USA. She also talks about mental health and wellness on her profile. Overall she is trying to create a good impact on the world with her content.

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