Farhana Bodi

Social Media Influencer
Indian-born, South African-raised and Dubai-based Farhana Bodi is a social media influencer and founder of 'I Woman of the World' lifestyle blog.

Farhana has a massive following on Instagram(1m) and has been known for her beauty, fashion and lifestyle content. She attended the make up school in South Africa at a very young age and then immediately began her career in modelling.

Along with fashion and beauty, Farhana shares her interests in travelling and makes her viewers see different places through her eyes.

Farhana Bodi is the new age social media star predominantly on Instagram. Known as the founder of the “Woman of the World” blog. Farhana was launched in the woman of the world platform which inspires and promotes women from all walks of life. She is hugely into women empowerment.
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