Niharika NM


Niharika NM, 23, is the first solo creator to have represented India at YouTube Creators for change two times in a row. She is an Indian YouTuber with over millions of views across digital platforms, widely known for her humorous “Types” video series covering everything from “Types of Students Before An Exam” to “Types of People at College.” Her "Types of Students Before an Exam" video went viral, garnering her 10,000 new subscribers in just a few days.

An engineer who is now pursuing her MBA in the USA along with juggling digital content creation, Niharika always had a love for theatre. Growing up, she had always been attracted to plays and movies, but the idea of being a part of such productions seemed too wishful. Having been introduced to YouTube when she was in Class 10, but it was nearly three years later that she started expressing herself on the Internet through her videos. She gained popularity through short, funny skits, entertaining viewers with her own brand of observational comedy.

Niharika has been the only solo creator to be chosen as one of the global ambassadors of “Creators for Change- a YouTube initiative” twice in a row, which uses influencers to generate awareness and engage their audience regarding relevant social issues. She is growing exponentially on Instagram and went on from just 100k followers to 1 million followers in 2 months.

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