Salil Jamdar


From Computer Engineer to working at TCS, Salil Jamdar is a multi- talented YouTuber, actor, singer and writer. Salil started his own channel ‘Salil Jamdar & Co.‘ in 2018 which has multiple parodies and originals that are extremely entertaining and relatable. But the parodies go beyond mere entertainment. Each spoof makes a subtle, and sometimes a rather direct social comment. From talking about farmer suicides and corruption to the dominance of star kids in Bollywood, Jamdar makes it a point to embed a message in each of his videos.

Along the way, Salil has made video concepts revolving around Porn Addiction, Female objectification in Bollywood Item Songs, Nirav Modi Fiasco, Marijuana addiction and awareness, Sh*t content floating around on Youtube and much more. This unique ideology has helped him get from 1 million views in 6 months to a splendid 11 Million views in a short frame of time. Some of the most famous videos on ‘Salil Jamdar & Co.’ are Asli Mard, Mera Ghata, Asli Gully Boy, Marry-You-Anna Song and Zingaat Starkid Parody.

His new independent song 'Tere Jaane Se' has got more than 1 million views in just 3 weeks post the release.

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