Shashank Udupa

Education Influencer

Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, start-ups weren’t a new world for this 28-year old. However, he went the traditional way with his education and started out as an investment banker after completing his Masters from Strathclyde University.

Shashank, who has been a Tedx speaker at IIT Bangalore, decided to eventually be an entrepreneur after he met Varun Mayya and Abhinav Arora and thus Avalon Labs was born. After scaling Avalon Labs to newer heights, they decided to venture into the ed-tech space and built Avalon Meta.

Owing to Shashank’s experience as an investment banker, Meta raised $420,000 even before its official launch and has built a community called ‘The Avalon Army’ of over a whopping 2 lakh people who band together to help each other.

Shashank's deep-found passion for finances and how it works for start-ups has made him the perfect CFO for Avalon Meta. With close to 100k followers on Instagram, Shashank is one of the mentors on the influencer driven platform and teaches all things finance. Looking at the current popularity of this ed-tech start-up, he’s only getting started. He also aims at educating and spreading awareness about the importance of savings and basic workings of finance amongst the youth of India, something that we are seldom taught in the traditional institutions to begin with.

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