Awards Registration

To boost the Startup ecosystem of India, Startup Awards 2023 are back, where we recognise the special achievement of startups and present the honours to the finest in the startup ecosystem. It is a token of gratitude and appreciation to celebrate the growing talent that brings the best to the World.

Benefits of Nomination:
  • Opportunity to win the awards and get national recognition
  • Massive Exposure In the ecosystem
  • Valuable PR and Business connects
  • Brand Visibility within the SME community
  • Connect With thought leaders/ mentors, investors and industry Leaders
  • Opportunity to self-evaluate your business
  • Business Development Opportunities
  •  Proprietary
  •  Partnership
  •  Pvt Limited
  •  Public Limited
  • Health Tech
  • Logistics/ Supply Chain
  • FinTech
  • Travel Tech
  • EdTech
  • Enterprise Tech
  • Consumer Services
  • Deep Tech
  • Energy
  • Clean Tech
  • Mobility
  • Agri Tech
  • Food Tech
  • Gaming / Media & Entertainment
  • IoT / HardwareTech
  • Prop Tech
  • Other

Award Categories

Kindly select one or more of the following Categories, you would like to nominate for the awards:

Individual Awards

  • Young Entrepreneur Of The Year
  • Startup Of The Year
  • Founder Of The Year
  • Woman Entrepreneur
  • Innovator Of The Year
  • Resilent Entrepreneur Of The Year
  • Global Entrepreneur Of The Year
  • Startup Leader Of The Year
  • Creative Entrepreneur
  • Social Entrepreneur Of The Year

Startup Awards:

  • Travel Start up of the Year
  • Gaming Start up of the Year
  • Best Online Marketplace solutions provider of the Year .
  • Best Online D2C Start up of the Year
  • Best Technology Start up of the Year
  • Best Software Solutions Provider of the Year
  • Best E-Commerce Start-up of the Year
  • Fashion Start up of the year
  • Home & Craft Start up of the year
  • Best Healthtech Startup
  • Best Fintech Startup
  • Best Spacetech Startup
  • Best Blockchain Startup
  • Best Agri Startup Of The Year
  • Best Social Impact Startup
  • Best Smart City Solution Startup
  • Best Workforce Enablment Startup
  • Best Food Tech Startup
  • Best Healthcare Startup
  • Best Consumer Internet Startup
  • Best AI Startup
  • Best Deep-Tech Startup
  • Best bio-science and bio-technology startup
  • Best Edtech Startup Of The Year
  • Cleantech Startup Of The Year
  • Logisitics Startup Of The Year
  • Real Estate Startup Of The Year
  • Product Business of the Year
  • Best Tech Aggregator Of The Year
  • Professional service Startup of The Year
  • Energy Startup of the Year
  • Retail Startup Of The Year
  • B2B Startup Of The Year
  • Bootstrapped Business Of The Year
  • Top Community Builder Startup Of The Year
  • Innovative Concept of the Year
  • E-Retail start-up of the year

Startup Ecosystem

  • Best Co-Working space
  • Best Angel Investor
  • Best Mentor
  • Best Incubation Centre
  • Best Accelerator Programme
  • Best PE /VC Fund

INR   (Inclusive GST (18%) per category)