Awards Categories

To boost the Startup ecosystem of India, Startup Awards 2024 are back, where we recognise the special achievement of startups and present the honours to the finest in the startup ecosystem. It is a token of gratitude and appreciation to celebrate the growing talent that brings the best to the World.


  • Only companies, firms or businesses registered, based in India can apply.
  • Any organization / entrepreneur /allied sector can apply. Each applicant can apply for one or multiple categories
  • Self- Nomination forms should be sent along with the prescribed fee to Entrepreneur India . The nominees in each category will be presented to the final jury for determination of winners.
  • Information received will be treated confidential and not used for any purpose except for determining the winners of the awards.
  • Incomplete questionnaire in any manner will disqualify a participant from participating in the awards.
  • Right to permit participation and cancel/change award category is reserved with Awards management.
  • Nomination Fee INR. - 15,000 Plus 18 % GST per category.
  • Under no circumstances the nomination fee will be refunded.

Benefits of Nomination:

  • Opportunity to win the awards and get national recognition
  • Massive Exposure In the ecosystem
  • Valuable PR and Business connects
  • Brand Visibility within the SME community
  • Connect With thought leaders/ mentors, investors and industry Leaders
  • Opportunity to self-evaluate your business
  • Business Development Opportunities
Terms & Conditions