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23 - 24 Aug, 2016Hotel Pullman, New Delhi

Tech Summit will bring companies large and small tech Businessess from around the country and outside India to share the new and evolving landscape of the digital generation and modern business.

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What’s inside the tech Summit for you

Attendees will hear from the people redefining tech sector in the 21st century. It features four highly focused tracks and discussions with thought leaders on how technology is changing rapidly. A tech conference that prides itself on its engineers and data scientists, this year’s gathering showcases some of the world's most exciting developers, futurists and data scientists. brings together the industry’s leading figures alongside the world’s most disruptive startups.

Enterprise technology

It is aimed at tech Businessess providing SaaS ,Big Data and Cloud Based solitions to business organizations and startups to make their businessess more effective and efficient . Hear Top Entrepise tech Leaders give cutting edge presentations on trending emerging technologies and its transformative impact, opportunities and outlook for all industries.

Big Data as A Foundation for Broad Disruptive Innovation
Does The Future of Saas lie in Decentralisation and open source
What flexibility will the hybrid cloud offer?


Bringing together entrepreneurs and innovators from across the entire ecommerce value chain. Filled with the latest e-commerce technologies From storefront creation to digital marketing and from payment to fulfilment and delivery.

Is The B2B ecommerce around the corner for Big Bang ?
Where do Omni and e-commerce create a connection ?
Is the e-commerce going to giveaway to Mobile ?
What will be the future of shopping centers and High Streets 5 years from now ?
Consumerization of Commerce : Opportunity or a challenge ?

Disruptive tech: AI & IOT

AI and IoT demonstrate important trends and future use cases for tech industry and would seek to establish how artificial intelligence might help to facilitate and make sense of the myriad connected devices in the coming decade.

Building real time connection between all brands, things, and consumers ?
How will the "Internet of Things" remake existing industries ?
How is IoT reinventing Enterprise& the Consumer Experience. Can there be realizing the business promise of IoT in this generation ?

Adtech & Marketing Tech

This is where marketing, technology and media communities come together to share new ways of thinking and defining future strategies that will address key industry challenges

Creation, curation, distribution: how content innovation is boosting brands ?
The New langauauge of Engagement between Brands and Consumers ?
Marketing 101 to a Young Digital Nation ?

The Future of Money: A Fintech Perspective

The future of Money is now. How are Banks, investormets & trading industries are rapidly adapting to the new payments landscape. The Fintech Summit will bring together the entire payments eco-system to discuss, debate and evaluate digital currency strategies and technologies.

How do millenials feel about cash and Banking ?
Will bitcoin ever go mainstream ?
The future of lending and trading ?
Weath Management : Expanding Access to Investing Products ?


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