Event Speakers


Akhil SinghalFounder & Head of R&D, Technotreon Intellectual Ventures

With a name that echoes innovation and illuminates the path to progress, Mr. Akhil Singhal has redefined the boundaries of possibility through his ground-breaking contributions to the tech industry.
Mr. Singhal had the fire of innovation since childhood and he made this a reality in the year 2014 when his brainchild ‘Technotreon Intellectual Ventures’ was founded. He is one of India’s youngest achievers who has more than 75 patents in his name. He has been awarded many titles, most of which are from the government of India, at such a young age. His unremarkable contribution towards the technological growth of the nation has made him one of the biggest players of the decade. His vision is to create an innovation ecosystem with a mission to be a catalyst in elevating the importance and value of Intellectual Property (IP) rights in India.