Deepak Sahni

Founder & CEO, Healthians

Deepak Sahni is the CEO and Founder of Healthians, India’s leading doorstep health test service provider, trusted by over 2 MN+ households.
A self-taught serial entrepreneur, passionate about healthcare, and pioneering the wellness trend in Indian healthcare sector, Deepak has over 18 years of experience in the healthcare, marketing and technology sector. He is currently following his passion for building a new-age diagnostic business at Healthians. It is his personal vision to add 10 healthy years to every Indian’s life through Healthians.
Deepak has represented India in the Medical Tourism Congress in the US for three consecutive years. Prior to founding Healthians, Deepak had a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures to his credit. He started his very first business venture at the age of 19 – a computer assembling business, followed by a digital healthcare agency. He has also worked with 120 renowned hospitals across the world gaining a vast repository of knowledge and business acumen.
Having a rich and a diverse marketing experience in domestic and international healthcare sector, Deepak realized that in India, people are focused on treating illness and lifestyle diseases. On the other hand, not much attention is given on prevention, screening and management of chronic ailments. This prompted him to build a unique brand that would cater to this void. As a dynamic entrepreneur who is passionate about making healthcare accessible, affordable and transparent. In early 2014, he identified the gap in the industry in terms of convenience, cost, standardization and accuracy that stopped people from getting themselves screened. This prompted him to launch a customer-centric diagnostic and wellness company which is India’s largest health test at home service today.
He strongly believes in having a clear vision and executing it with speed and accuracy. Which requires him to be a risk taker often. When it comes to decision making, he gives a lot of importance to being a listener so that he understands all possible perspectives but eventually trusting his own judgment. With a strong belief in collaboration, Deepak believes in taking on a progressive path together with his team that has enabled him to deal with challenges effectively and create a successful business and brand.

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