Event Speakers


Dhruv Dhanraj Bahl Founder & Managing Partner, Eternal Capital

Dhruv Dhanraj Bahl is the Founder & Managing Partner of Eternal Capital. Dhruv has been an LP in funds since 2015. He was exposed to several investing partners, their approach, and the funds' portfolios. This was a masterclass beyond compare in picking bets and growing companies albeit, at an arm's length. By late 2019, Dhruv was helping several operators and fund managers think through problems from concept to execution. After 5 years as an angel with over 60 investments, he merged his vocation and passion to become an Operator-VC. Eternal Capital, is designed to be a fund 'by operators, for operators' and with a mission to empower and enable entrepreneurs to build world-class products for and from Bharat.