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Priyanka GillCo-Founder - The Good Glamm Group

Priyanka Gill is a digital media entrepreneur. She is the Co-founder of Good Glamm Group and Founder & CEO of POPxo-Plixxo. In 2014, Priyanka founded POPxo with the vision of creating a digital community for women powered by relatable and engaging content. Today, with 88 million active users across platforms, POPxo has become ubiquitous in the digital lives of women in India - with 3 out of 5 engaging with POPxo articles, videos & memes every month.
Recognizing that influencer marketing would go on to become one of the most essential forms of brand building, she launched Plixxo in 2017. It’s a platform that connects brands and digital media influencers. Today, it is India’s most engaged influencer marketing platform with 200,000+ influencers onboarded.

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