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Rema SubramaniamCo-founder & Managing Partner,
Ankur Capital Fund, EC Member IVCA

Rema has 4 decades experience in 0 to 1 and 1 to 10 stages of enterprises, founding a few, investing and in operational roles in others. Her career has been in category creating products and in future forward technology companies. Some of her notable experiences has been digitalization of financial service sector in early 90’s to edtech at the start of internet to digitalization of SMB in late 80’s. Her experience extended to category creating product lines such as menswear to home water filters. This gave her the experience in forecasting tech use cases before it become mainstream and identifying business opportunities. Her hands on approach to nurture and help these businesses take root has been her main strength. She has helped businesses grow 20X on an average across the companies she has worked with.

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