Event Speakers


Umesh UttamchandaniCo-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Dev Accelerator Pvt. Ltd.

As Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Dev Accelerator (DevX), Umesh has a strong focus on strengthening Strategic Partnerships, designing long term Growth Strategies, along with heading the Panel for curating Technology Startups/SMEs for the Accelerator program. Also acting as a Board Member (Investor) and Mentor for 6 Portfolio Ventures in the domain of SaaS, Mobility, Cloud Kitchen, Media Tech and Lending. He takes pride in co-owning Gujarat’s largest co-working space. The primary focus is heading the role of Sourcing, Negotiating and on-boarding Strategic Partners and even focusing on like-minded collaborations. The ultimate goal is to ensure that Commercialization of Products/Services leads to produce high-value offerings that generate strong bottom line benefits for the DevX, Portfolio Companies and the end clients.

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